CJS Professional: November 2016 edition

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Jobs advertised in this Month's edition:
Clifton Beck Community Project Officer, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
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Volunteers: 22 adverts for voluntary posts added this month  see all of these online at: http://www.countryside-jobs.com/vols PLUS 39 adverts for voluntary roles previously advertised in CJS Focus and still available are now in the main volunteer section.
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CJS Notices
CJS Focus: Advance Notice
We know that the Christmas holidays are not that far away (eek!) so before you get too busy with turkey, crackers and parties we'd like to let you know that the next edition of CJS Focus will be looking at Volunteering once again. Due for publication in February 2017. If you have a long running campaign beat the rush and get your adverts across to us now, for both individual placements and more general ones for your conservation tasks, projects and friends of groups.
CJS Focus on Overcoming Barriers is looking pretty amazing! It will be published on Monday (14/11) and will be included in full in the next edition of CJS Professional or if you can't wait (and why would you want to?) make a note to check CJS Focus on Monday or sign up to our daily email which will carry full details.
Our final article from our Featured Charity, Bat Conservation Trust is entitled Why bats matter
It's been a year since BCT became our Featured Charity, we've had lots of lovely articles from them, you can read them all here.  We'll be accepting donations for BCT until the end of the year and of course you can always donate direct, become a member, buy some of their lovely merchandise or simply tell the world how wonderful bats are - and here are some of the reasons. Click through to read it.

Other Notices:
Are you involved in conservation management decision? Can you spare 15 minutes?
Betina Winkler, Ilya Maclean and Rob Wilson at the University of Exeter are investigating the factors that influence how conservation management decisions are made. They would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to participate in a short 15 minute online survey:   Survey on Conservation Management Interventions

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Report on Countryside Management Association 50th Anniversary Conference
Short Courses and Events in January 2017 plus details of courses run on ad hoc, regular or on demand basis.  5 pages
Send information about your training courses today to training@countryside-jobs.com or submit online here.  Also look at the new options for greater promotion and revised rates.

Grants and Funding Click here
7 new funding sources listed

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