Advance warning: CJS Office Closed - UPDATED

Friday 5 August: it's now been confirmed that the power out day has been postponed. So we'll be here as usual!

Hand delivered at lunch time (1/8) was a letter from Northern Powergrid informing us that the electricity will be turned off on Wednesday 10 August between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. for essential maintenance work.  In this case it's clearing trees and vegetation from the overhead lines.  Which means that the office will closed for the day.  TB, 4 miles down the hill in Sleights, was without electricity one day last month for the same reason. It's a regular once a year - once every other year occurrence and if it means the lights stay on all winter a small price to pay.
For CJS it's an annoyance but we get an extra day off and for residential customers it's not a bad time to be without power - you don't need lights on all day, don't need the heating etc.- however, it's not good for the businesses catering for all our tourists and it's such short notice too meaning that there lots of unhappy people.
And while we're talking about days off we'll remind everyone that the office will be closed on Wednesday 24 August for the local agricultural show as well.