We're certified

Your details are safe with CJS and now we have a certificate to prove it!

Not that they weren't before of course, but it's no longer sufficient to simply tell someone over the phone (or in writing) that you don't hold credit or debit card details on any computer anywhere and that if they are written down for any reason the piece of paper is shredded or incinerated after use, instead you need to fill in a complicated questionnaire and in return you get a lovely certificate to say that you're a trustworthy business and it's safe to give us your card details.
So here you go:

Not forgetting that we have (and always will be) registered with the Information Commissioner's Officer, you can look up our register entry if you feel so inclined, the number is Z9570707 so you can be sure your personal data is safe too.

Added to which we promise: Not to sell, give or exchange your details with anyone not entitled to have access to them.  That last bit is because people like HMRC sometimes need to examine our records.

If you want to know what we hold about you we are happy to send a copy of your record to the address we have on file for you - that's so that we know it's going to you and no one else.  Although as all it amounts to is your name, address and how you subscribe I'm not sure you'd want to bother - but the offer is there.
Here's ours:

Why are we on our own database? It's because we want to receive a copy of what we send you to make sure it arrives as it should. (Don't look at it too closely because we've purposely used wrong dates so that we don't accidentally delete ourselves when we don't renew!)