There's a new year coming

Did you know?
Just in case you were not aware of this every publication has a free calendar for you.  I think we could paper the office with calendars, year planners and wall charts! Some are useful, others not so much, some are far too big and others just big enough.  The little desk calendar from WWF is now being used to keep tabs on scheduled blogs, emails, advert checks and similar things, TB has taken the NFU wall planner, the Naked Strewth that fell out of The Field has found an excellent home on Mr W's shed wall and I found an wonderful recipe for strawberry sponge in the free-from heaven magazine (alright that's a cheat because it's not an office one but still....) it looks very tasty - have to wait until strawberry season to test it though.

However, the one calendar that's above everyone's desk is the CJS one because all our dates and info is there on one page. A full 366 days on one sheet of A4.
If you've not been overwhelmed with chronology carrying papers and have room for one more (incredibly useful) almanac you can download the CJS version here.
Complete with pretty pen and ink pictures.

Today we have published the last CJS Weekly of 2015 and it's another big edition coming in 24 pages containing 82 adverts, bringing the annual total of recruitment adverts placed (not including those which are re-advertised) to an impressive 3417!

Over the years we've published hundreds of thousands of adverts, we've seen them change from arriving by post, to fax, to email but this week was another first, we had an advert submitted as an image in a tweet! If you want to do the same it's @CountrysideJobs .

Finally a reminder that Monday is the last day the office is open this year.