Blast from the past

Well, that brought back memories!

Of late Saturday evenings stuffing your CJS Weekly editions into envelopes, of Rudi the folding machine (so named by Niall because he 'stuck his tongue out' as he sealed each envelope), of Niall's pot luck Saturday suppers or take-aways when we'd been leading guided walks that day and very late nights traipsing around Whitby to find pillar boxes with space to hold the franked envelopes dodging between wobbly, scantily clad night-clubbers - ah, the things we've done for CJS!
When the posties got fed up of us filling every mailbox in town they suggested we had a free collection (you used to pay for each one) which made life much easier as subscribers numbers continued to grow, and as the edition got bigger Rudi the little stuffing machine couldn't manage any longer so we reverted to hand stuffing into big C4 (technically known as flats) envelopes.  Somewhere we have a photo of a very tired TB & me slumped on Niall & Anthea's dining room floor next to a mountain of post sacks holding around 1500 copies (fortunately for all concerned we can't actually find it right now - but maybe if he's reading this Niall might have a copy?).
However, those days are all a distant memory as people 'went green' and transferred to electronic copies instead of paper versions, so now we have only a handful (less than 50 usually) to stuff and post out each week.

So what is this small mountain of envelopes?
It's our first mailing of the CMA members magazine Ranger.  Heading out with our regular collection tomorrow along with a much smaller bundle of CJS Weekly edition (if you get an electronic copy it's with you already - see, going green has additional benefits!!).