New role for CJS.

As of today CJS is providing support services for the Countryside Management Association. So don't be surprised to receive a response from the CJS Team members when you contact CMA.  We have a long association with CMA, CJS actually began life providing the jobs service for CMA members, which was extended to SCRA and then opened up to everyone.  Like all long relationships it's had its ups and downs but we're all still here - just! And even more impressive still talking and, dare I say it, getting on better than in years!!  CMA is changing, they launched a new website last month  and you might notice it has a few bits and pieces from the CJS website; there is a sparkly new corporate partnership with the National Trust as well. If you work for the Trust ask them about it, or you can contact us with our CMA hats on, or 01947 896048 - not the usual CJS contact details please - and we'll be happy to give you the information.   We hope that CMA will continue to grow, prosper and help everyone working within the countryside sector - all with our support in the background to help them do just that.