Working with charities, a new approach

Everyone who works within the countryside sector knows how important our charities are.  That's one of the reasons why CJS offers free advertising in CJS Weekly, we'd much rather the charities spent their hard earned money (your generous donations) on actually conserving something than on splashy advertising.  You're reading CJS, you don't need to be told how wonderful RSPB or your local Wildlife Trust is to make you want to work for them - you already know.  CJS supports charities financially too and we've made it possible for you do so by adding a small donation to your subscription or when you get a job and no longer need your Weekly edition to donate the value of the remainder to our charities.

Our first charity was Durrell, or Jersey Zoo as it was when we first started supporting them in 1997.  Niall explained the decision, "while on a pilgrimage to Jersey Zoo (founded by Gerrald Durrell OBE, whose books first got me interested in conservation) Anthea and I heard about the captive breeding programme of Partula snails at Jersey, London, Edinburgh and Chester Zoos, etc. We noted the links between Whitby, Captain Cook and Moorea, and between ourselves, Gerrald Durrell and CJS - and decided to adopt a Partula snail on behalf of CJS. We christened him / her 'CJ Snail' because... well, as with most historic events, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."
In 2001 we added Leukemia Research to our charities, in memory of co-founder Anthea who lost her fight against this horrible disease in September of that year.

However, things change. Finances are more tightly controlled than ever before, there is less money to go round and we've noticed that your donations to "our charities" have decreased too.  As a result we've looked at our charity support and are making a huge change.  Instead of having our two long running supported charities we will have one featured charity. You'll be able to find out about them through articles they will write and we will include across the CJS family of publications, you will be able to donate to them through CJS (as before for Durrell and LRF).  We've chosen our first charity and will let them introduce themselves next month but if you have a favoured charity you would like CJS to feature please let us know and we'll consider them for future associations.
Until our new charity takes their place you can donate to CJ at Durrell or to LRF via our website and with your subscriptions.

Even though Durrell and LRF will no longer be featured by CJS it doesn't mean that we don't support them any longer or that their work is any less valuable.  Please continue to support them in any way you can.