30 Days Wild

This June, can you do something wild every day for a month? ask The Wildlife Trusts.   They have set a month-long challenge taking place during June, asking people to do something wild every day thereby making nature part of everyday life.

Sounds like a wonderful idea so we (that being the royal we) signed up, and promptly had a mild freak out about finding something new and different to do every day.  Bearing in mind we're out and about at least once a day and are surrounded by the wonderful North York Moors the thought of having to find something new each day was a scary one.  Then the challenge pack arrived.  It's full of fantastic ideas and suggestions and after reading through it all we banished the idea of adding to or creating a 'life-time' list or a spotters check-list. So here we are only a few days before it starts, keen and raring to go.  We've created a blog specifically for the challenge which we aim to update, if not daily, then several times a week, there's a dedicated flickr stream too.
If you'd like to join us in the challenge find out more and sign up here.

Today, to give us an extra incentive and make us feel like wimps for freaking out over 30 days the John Muir Trust have published the story of Hannah Norton, one of their award participants, who has taken time for nature not just for a month but a whole year, clocking up a staggering 502 hours and 48 minutes of wild time.  The incredible achievement was brought to the attention of Robert Hanna - John Muir's great-great-grandson - who sent Hannah a personal message of congratulations. More here.