For National Pet Month introductions all round!

 Meet Limonie
The newest team (almost) member.  She's a Podenco, a spanish hunting dog.  TB has adopted her all the way from Spain which means she's feeling the cold in our not exactly scorching spring and is loving cuddling up in her new blankets. We're thinking of printing a notice for the side of the car "This dog is not cooking, she comes from Spain and basks in the heat"!  Things might change if / when we get some proper summer.  So far the only time she's been seen panting is after she's spent a happy half hour chasing rabbits in TBs fields!

As it's been National Pet Month and we had a new introduction to make we thought it only right that everyone else got in on the act, so here's our (not so little as it turns out) menagerie!

From fish

through chickens (of all ages!) and geese
to horses and goats; all TBs and the goats are rare breed Golden Guernseys.

and Tony the Tortoise

And last but by no means least the dogs
Team Member dogs

office dogs:
 All creatures great and small welcome in this mad house!
(except cats growls Hebe)