Some of our Facebook posts are missing!

Do you like us on Facebook? 
How many of our posts are you actually seeing, our stats suggest probably not many, this week we've posted around 30 updates on our two pages (3 on /CountrysideJobsService and the rest on/CJSJobs)

Facebook have tinkered with the algorithm* again but this one has a bigger impact. They are now looking at your interests and interactions with pages to decide which posts they will show you on your timeline. So to make sure you see all the details of all the job adverts with CJS you need to like, share, comment on our posts.  This way Facebook knows you actively 'Like' our page and post and will keep showing our posts on your timeline.
Why are they doing this? The official  reasoning is so that you only see things you're genuinely interested in; which seems like a good idea but surely if you weren't interested you wouldn't have 'liked' in the first place?  However, the geeky blogs are suggesting that it is an attempt to make people with pages (not personal profiles) pay to advertise their page or to Boost their posts.

How to tell and what to do.  So if you look at our page and compare it with your timeline and find that you're missing some/many/all of our posts please start interacting; alternatively if you don't already you can follow us on twitter (@CountrysideJobs) or sign up for our daily email bulletin.

 *the behind the scenes techy bit that decides what and how to display things on the network.