When does the movie start?

Back to work and in at the deep end,  unsurprising it's been a busy week here in the CJS office. The team have set to with a will, collating news, publishing job adverts and putting together the first CJS Weekly of the year - and it's a monster at 22 pages with 87 adverts for jobs and volunteers, the full news round up (including over Christmas) and details of Citizen Science projects recently added to the website. To get your copy find out more and sign up here.

Sulking Office Dogs

However for the office dogs it's been a different story. They're bored and every time I move they look at me hopefully - are we going out? No, oh well we may as well sleep some more. But after lunch they keep disappearing and coming back to nudge me hopefully, what are we watching this afternoon? When does this afternoon's movie start? We really want to be cuddled up on a sofa by a warm fire watching the TV (we've had a superhero-fest, from Iron Man via the Avengers to Batman). Staying in the office was met with such looks of disdain before they finally gave in a slumped on a bed with a huff.
Sulky office pups!
The ideal dog days: Shorter walks in the dark just don't cut it and long office hours mean very little TV watching, they'd approve year long holidays with long, wide ranging walks every morning, TV in the afternoons (preferably films where the person sits still and ruffles the ears but not rugby which involves lots of jumping up and shouting at the screen) and short rambles in the evening interspersed with feeding time, play time and if you must a few training exercises (as long as they involve edible rewards).  But then wouldn't we all or would we just get as fed up as office dogs?

Plane Watching

The windows at the back of the house have a wonderful view of the bird feeders - which have been very busy despite it being that bit warmer but on Thursday our watching activities changed from birds to planes as fighter jets circled overhead, practicing bombing runs and generally making a huge amount of noise.  We're thinking we could do with a spotters guide to military aircraft!  Being just down the road from RAF Fylingdales BMEWS we have fighters overhead quite often and frequently very low as we're within one the regularly used permitted low flying zones. Although we're not listed as a tactical training area (used a lot and officially can fly much lower), they seem to use the 'pyramid' as a target or homing beacon despite the base itself being a restricted zone (maybe that makes it more of a challenge?). However, there does seem to be a spike in activity just before our troops are deployed or after  / during terrorist activity somewhere in the world.  We also notice changes in our wi-fi signals but at least it no longer causes havoc with TV signals or quite as many car alarms and immobilisers.