Nice surprise

It's not often we receive a nice surprise in the office post, usually it's just bills and the mountain of journals that we read. However, on Wednesday there was a very smart looking envelope containing a cheque as a dividend payout on a company that went into liquidation several years ago owing us quite a lot of money.  We'd given up hope of getting anything back after so long making it an unexpected boon.  It wasn't much only 3p in the pound, yes, you're reading that right a 3% return but better than two others this year, one with no dividend payable and the other was less than 1p in the pound. 

Keep your fingers crossed for a nice weekend, AW's extended family is going on a camping trip! The new tent has been tested, the blow-up beds checked for punctures, food coolers packed with essentials and the car is already loaded with everything under the sun but no room left for the kitchen sink. Miss India is very excited and (Great) Aunty J is under instruction to be prompt in collecting her from school and to make an early tea then they can go as soon as Mummy gets home from work! (AW is not quite so excited).
HB's had a mixed week as Master B has been on his transfer days to 'Big School' which he has thoroughly enjoyed, much to everyone's relief but he did not appreciate having to go back to the village school to finish off term (only one more week to go).

TB & I reckon dogs and horses are so much easier. Speaking of, we can't quite believe that the Troublesome Twosome, (aka Dido & Hester) have been with us a year next Friday - my, my, doesn't time fly.  TB's Troublesome Twosome (aka Golden Guernsey goatlings, Ruby & Millie) are finally coming on well and getting used to handling and petting, Ruby more so than Millie who is still of the opinion that people are murderers and "would you please just get on with deading me!", however, being goatlings both are quite capable of getting in mischief and only one occasion (so far) have been found on the roof of the stable block.

Back in the office, life rolls on and with it another CJS Weekly hits the presses, 15 pages this week with 52 adverts for paid posts, 27 of those direct to CJS plus a further 7 for volunteers.