All new

I finally gave in and bought myself a new pair of walking boots.  Same brand, even same style - they fit well and wear well, my last pair have given sterling service for a couple of years as you can see! However, I had literally walked the tread off the soles and one started squeaking in the wet which was, I discovered, a warn through hole letting water into the undersole, but not the boot itself so feet were still dry.
guess which is the new boot....

AW has a new puppy - called Edmund (already lengthened to Edmunduado, although I can talk, Dido has the nick name of Dee-Dee-Di-Di-Doh-Doh), he's a predominately black with a bit of white sheep dog, companion to Bill (he's not sure yet) and friend to the two small W's. HB is currently puppy sitting her brother's miniature Jack Russell puppy (he's teeny-tiny) and on Sunday is collecting their two new Sprolies, that's springer spaniel x collie.  so lots of new dogs around.  My two pups and older Hebe are helping me break in the new boots, which don't look quite so pristine now. 
Not that there has been much 'proper' walking this last week, just one word - weather, which can be summed up as wet, white, windy and wild.  Although this morning Master B got all bouncy and insisted his Mum look out of the window pointing excitedly, "What? What am I looking at?" she asked, "the sun" was his reply. It's such a rare occurrence and for all of five minutes produced a magnificent pink sunrise which rapidly faded back to washed out blues and greys before disappearing not to be seen again.  (and now it's hurling lumps of ice at us, frozen rain - niice)

CJS Weekly has gone to print, not much news for you this week, everyone's preoccupied with floods and storms; however, there are 58 ads for paid posts and 11 for volunteers. Digital editions are being edited and should be emailed / live shortly.