No news

"Any news?" was the cry that went around the office  and answer came there none.  So there you have it, the CJS week in a nutshell. Nothing's happened, which, I suppose, is good news. 
Deputy Ed TB finally got her elbow patched up late last Friday and is back home feeling very sore with some additional internal metalwork and an alien barrage balloon in place of the usual limb. AW had a lovely time away with family last week and everyone else is just plodding along.  It's been a little quieter than usual this week, we think it's the post half term lull and being short-handed it has been most welcome.  That's not to say my desk is visible, being mid-afternoon on Friday the mountainous paperwork has not quite reached avalanche onto the floor levels but almost and if I don't tackle some of it soon there will end be an A4 cataract all over the (currently) sleeping office dogs.
Monday's edition of the Weekly has gone to press, all 13 pages of it this week with 43 job ads plus 8 for volunteers and one for a conservation holiday - not had one of those for a while. Digital editions are online and emails to follow soon.