Where does it all go?

The time that is.  It was only five minutes ago I was typing the last blog saying that work loads were getting back to 'normal' - hah.  Fatal mistake.   This week has been busier than any since the first in January, so bad this afternoon that HB was forced to break into the emergency Crunchie bar store. Consequently we've been tied to keyboards and computers and haven't really had time to do much else and so this is going to be a boring blog post.
News from Green End is that Keith (AW's ancient swaledale) has actually found some grass and is trying to eat it, we're not quite sure how as he no longer has many teeth.  Titan, TB's 21 year old ex-racehorse, is also beginning to put on some condition after a hard winter; he's being really cosseted, living on the hard standing (silly boy won't go in a loosebox) being fed all sorts of lovely extras and acting as a haylage conveyor belt - heap of haylage at front end goes down whilst piles build up at the other before removal and storage prior to conversion to veggie plot black gold.
Next week's Professional is filling up nicely, The Focus editions is well, it's going to be huge! and this week's Weekly is stuffed with 71 adverts, 11 for volunteers and 50 of the paid posts direct to CJS.  Digital editions went live earlier and postal editions are just being prepared for dispatch.