Meet our Page Three girl!

No not like that, stop sniggering at the back, if you're not careful she'll decapitate you with her sword!

Featured in glorious technicolour on page three of the local paper is SubEd HB who is one of the founding members of the Goathland Plough Stot's women's team of longsword dancers.  She'll be dancing around the village on the day of dance on Saturday.
Read all about it here.
The weather may slightly curtail the dancing, but only a little, the Stots have never missed  a Day of Dance and a little bit of the white stuff won't stop them although I'm not sure that gum boots are the best dancing slippers but I'm sure they'll manage. The main teams will be insulated by the frequent refuelling at the pubs and all will be sustained by hearty soup.

Talking of the weather-  which, lets be honest, isn't everyone today -  it's been rather chilly, a low of -14C on Thursday morning and since Tuesday night the highest has been a balmy -2C.  All we're going to say about the snow is that it started here mid-morning Monday and apart from a respite on Wednesday when it was too cold to snow (OK, I know strictly speaking that's not true) it hasn't stopped, but neither have we!  Our new motto is Keep Warm and Carry On.
The birds are munching their way through several feedersful of food everyday and the water trays are very welcome and need refreshing (and de-icing) a few times a day.  I'm quite glad it's not the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend, I don't think I'd cope with the sheer volume.

It's been another busy week with loads of jobs online, lots of news and HB's currently busy updating the Training Directory.  The Weekly edition is online (AW has already set off to walk home over the moors, shutting in chickens on route) and the paper edition is printing.  Tomorrow Office Dog Hebe will take me up to the Post Office along with the stuffed envelopes because the postie is not going to be able to get down our lane.  This week's edition is 20 pages long with 86 adverts, 12 of them for volunteers and all bar 11 came direct to CJS.