Penultimate CJS Weekly of 2012

Yes, it really is, only one more edition to go! So bearing in mind how close Christmas is what do you think appeared in the Post Office earlier this week?
No, not crackers, nor wrapping paper or even Christmas stamps but Easter Eggs!  In truth it's a display of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, which Cadbury's claim are available all year round but when did you last see creme eggs for sale in the summer or autumn?  After a bit of leg pulling the egg display now has festive tinsel and a bauble or two to bring them into the right season although the postmistress hasn't quite got round to adding a piece of holly to top of each one in an attempt to persuade everyone they're actually egg-shaped Christmas puddings.
After last week's ice floe it dried up (a little) before it froze solid, on Wednesday it didn't get above freezing all day.  This morning it's lovely and warm or so it felt but the thermometer still read -1 !  That's how cold it's been than sub-zero feels warm. It's got gradually warmer all day but the winds have gather strength too.  The birds have munched their way through a large amount food and we've added a few more to keep them satisfied.  For years the nyjer seed feeder has been fixed to the top of a pole, the original feeders poured the seed all over the ground whenever they swayed but feeder design has changed so that now the seed doesn't spill out quite so much.  This last year, even right into the very cold weather I seem to have thrown away more seed than they have eaten. When a new feed mix arrived, with lots and lots of very small husked seeds we decided to try it on top of the pole with a tray around it to collect some of the husks to make it easier to clean (have you tried removing spillages and discarded husks from frozen ground? - it's not easy).  Now the nyjer seed has moved the gold finches are eating a whole feeder full every other day; they are a contrary lot! We got some different fat balls too and apparently these are not as tasty as those from the previous supplier which on the plus side means they last longer.
Back to the Weekly, this week it's 16 pages long with details of 43 new paid posts of which 38 came direct to CJS there are eleven adverts for voluntary posts too plus the Training Calendar for February.  And a request for some reader feedback - thoughts please.
printers are running, digital editions will be live shortly. 
Reminder: different deadlines next week, subs by 9:30 Thursday, adverts by noon Thursday and with luck the last edition will be in the post by Friday lunchtime so that you should / might receive it on Christmas Eve.