Light Mornings

It's wonderful we're getting up in the daylight, sort of but at least it's no longer pitch black, for a while at least.  I'm one of those strange people who loves the mornings and when it's light and bright I can get so much done before breakfast and even more before pushing the 'on' button on the office machinery so as 'Summer Time' draws to an end (and begins again in March) I find the mornings are too short, hearing the calls for BST permanently makes my heart sink, I'd like GMT all year round!  Although we're used to seeing 'our' owls on the wires through the summer it was rather odd to hear a male hooting yesterday afternoon whilst sending out the last news and jobs feeds of the day.  At the opposite end of the spectrum is TB who dreads the dark evenings and has her stableful of equines to care for, which involves a check after work to make sure everyone is on all four hooves, hasn't strangled themselves with their rug or got it tethered into the hedges and has enough feed.  Weather permitting the first two will be moving to their winter quarters this weekend as long as the river is low enough to walk across, the others will be boxed down in a few weeks.
HB has had a week off this week to look after Master and Miss B over half term, a trip to go bowling had been mentioned as had a spot of decorating I wonder which it was?  Being half term it's been quite quiet all week but today has been really busy - comparatively speaking which has filled up this week's edition of the Weekly with 44 new paid posts of which 32 came direct to CJS, there are also five adverts for volunteers across 14 pages, including lots of news, a large proportion of which is on ash dieback.
This week we've finally put fingers to keyboard and blogged about badgers and bTB on our parallel blog, Musings on the Moors: To cull or not to cull is that the question? Along with lots more questions, no answers just lots of pondering.
Hebe's looking forward to next week when all the fireworks will be over, although she's pretty laid back today and very 'yawny' after a week of 'noise phobia' herbal meds which make her pleasantly fragrant too, it's all the lavender (much better than fox scat!).  If you're having a bonfire don't forget to check for Tiggys (hedgehogs) and enjoy the fireworks.