Stunning photographs

Everyone's a photographer these days, there's camera in your phone, on your tablet, maybe even on the top of your computer. Compact digital cameras produce high resolution images and automatically work out the best settings for the light conditions, no more worrying about apertures, f-stops or film speeds and then waiting and wondering whilst your very expensive prints come back from the developers.  If you're anything like me I could shoot a whole 36 exposure roll of film on one plant or flower and if I was very lucky end up with one half decent photograph.  With my digital I can take 100 or more pictures and junk the lot if I'm not happy.  I still play with ASAs and f-stops but my speciality (if you can call it that) is plants, flowers and landscapes.  I simply don't have the patience for wildlife photography, 15 minutes and I need a distraction.
So the entries in the British Wildlife Photography Awards are always a joy to see.  This year's winners are simply stunning.

Dr Matt Doggett, Gannet Jacuzzi
These gannets create their own jacuzzi effect and are the overall winner of this year's competition. Judge Greg Armfield from WWF described the photograph  "A striking image that manages to capture in parallel the raw power and grace of the diving gannets. A beautiful and evocative shot."

CJS is very proud to sponsor the Habitat category which this year was won by this lovely image of a grey seal looking out of an underwater cave, it was taken by Alexander Mustard/2020VISION.

Have a look at all the winners here and marvel at the imagery and skill involved in getting such wonderful photographs.  And if you thin you can match them then sign up to receive details of how to enter next year's competition!