Christmas shopping

The IT system, specifically the web server (website, emails etc) decided that as it's the last deadline before Christmas today was the perfect day to go Christmas shopping and left the CJS office without a by-your-leave, exeat slip, pink ticket or even a see you later.   The rest of the CJS Team were not best pleased but plodded on regardless.  Then after lunch the website returned puffing and wheezing laden down with widgets, gadgets and add ons. The team swung into action (minus sub-ed HB who had to go to the children's nativity play) and the Weekly was soon almost online when the network remembered it had forgotten the turkey and went out again in a flap.
was how the IT company described it.  Well now we think it's forgotten the stuffing too because it's gone again. *sighs*.
We do hope you manage to access your copy of CJS Weekly they are online (we think) and email readers have been given two different links one to the usual location and one to a back up version on google docs.
Print editions are absolutely fine and will be dispatched as normal.
This week there are 16 pages including the training calendar for February, 69 jobs sent direct to CJS 78 in total. There is also the CJS Calendar for 2012, your Christmas bonus and details of office hours over the holiday shut down.

Sub-Ed returned from the play (wonderful, especially Master Tom as Joseph complete with singing solo and Miss Katie as alpha shepherd) and is now wishing she'd stayed behind to help clear up!

Ho Hum, it can only get better, pass the mulled wine and mince pies...