Water! Falling from the sky!

It's a miracle, it's raining - at last.  For the first time in weeks we've not needed to refill the bird bath and water dish.  Although the birds are still eating their way through what seems like several tons of seed. This week we've had a visit from a male yellowhammer but he didn't stay long.  It's been really windy this week too.
Thursday was a little fraught in the office as the server gave up for several hours, IT are about to switch of the network to take it to bits and fix it. So only a short post today.
However, we have got the Weekly edition off to print, so no worries there and the digital editions are already online (different server), this week there are 10 pages with 50 new paid posts of which 34 came direct.

PS, blogger is struggling again, so we'll trying to post until it lets us - so this may be a day or two late - sorry.