January rush

is here.
It's very nice that you all want to talk to us and send us lots of lovely jobs but could you co-ordinate your messages so that we might have 10 minutes to catch up? Thanks ever so!

Well in between hundreds of emails and phone messages we've put together this week's edition which is an enormous 16 pages including three pages of training course information - this is the largest edition since last February. You'll find 87 new paid posts of which 66 came direct to CJS, there are also plenty of voluntary placements.

Today has been so warm we even had the office window open for an hour or so this afternoon, the heating is off although the wood stove is still lit - most strange, we're just not used to this. In the garden the noses of lots of bulbs are just showing in the areas liberated from the snow, some patches are still blanketed. We're focussing on the bulbs and not looking at the damage done to the rest - well not yet anyway.