End of the week

As it's now Saturday you'll realise it's been a rather long week!
HB has had a series of small disasters at home, one of our computers is still not working and is causing it's own series of problems and on Friday one of our other print jobs had to be partially re-done (not our fault I hasten to add) slowing up production of the Weekly. It was all finished, eventually - but there are still lots of small tasks to be completed / caught up with, hence the Saturday update. Anyway the Weekly is now with Royal Mail and will be with you on Monday, digital copies have been available since late yesterday.

And in the midst of it all we're playing with the beta of Office 2010 prior to a massive software upgrade later in the year. Gluttons for punishment obviously...

Weather is still white and cold filling the garden with birds. KH gets a week off next week and was intending to spend a week in the garden tidying up and finishing the winter pruning that's not been yet done; a week of hibernation seems more likely.