Silly Sheep

You may have seen on the news or read about Shaunetta the sheep who marooned herself halfway down the cliff below Hawsker, a village just East of Whitby (we're on a sticky out bit and the coastline actually runs West-East rather than North-South, confusing I know). You can read about Shaunetta in the local paper. Click here.

Today on the Telegraph there is a report about another silly sheep, this one in Norway which went down his own version of a zip-wire using his horn as a hook whilst attempting to reach a field full of lovely ewes. For more sheep antics click here

Added to which excitement the Great North Air Ambulance landed in the field in front of the office and has just flown away complete with patient (that's not so good, but whoever they are they're in good hands now). We save up all the stamps off your letters to us and send them to charity, recently they've all been going to the Great North Air Ambulance fund so it's good to know the service is working well.

Back to the boring bits now. CJS Weekly is now printing and will, post permitting, be with you on Monday. This week's edition is 9 pages containing 67 new paid posts of which 28 came direct to CJS.