D*#!@** Dog!!

Yes, Hebe strikes again.
Standing by the open garden door doing a bit of bird watching, enjoying the sunshine and a lovely cup of tea when the small black tornado decides she must be outside. But not for her the straight route down the corridor and through the big gap between legs and door - oh, no she has to jink right, squeeze through the smallest opening and brush the door jamb hurdling the water bucket (a two gallon pony bucket) on route. Unfortunately she was going so fast, was blinded by the bright light (she says...!) and puts BOTH back feet in the bucket which is kicked down the corridor tipping it's recently replenished contents all over the kitchen. It would appear the kitchen floor isn't entirely level, or maybe the violence of the action made the water run towards the main CJS server. Tea towels were hurled at the crest of the tidal wave and succeeded in stopping the flow inches before it reached the server. The dehumidifier has now been moved and is drying out a very soggy kitchen.