Sunny Friday

But just don't mention the windows....
What is it about new windows? When Niall had his replaced it led to the "Everest saga" (see and click on Windows) The replacement windows for the two big bay windows are the wrong size - no it's not that they won't fit the hole, just that the glass is too small and the timber casements too big more than double the ones they are replacing. A major summit of all interested parties was called yesterday and after much discussion new plans are being drawn up and it looks like eight more new windows. Watch this space.

Well at the back of the building, bathes in glorious sunshine we carry on and have been doubly busy this week, subscribers are getting CJS Weekly (10 pages 68 jobs, 36 direct) and CJS Focus on Training, 14 pages of articles and adverts. Non-subscribers get their copy online on Monday. Details will follow next week.

Summer is officially here, the swifts arrived on Thursday morning, three screaming around the eaves. We think (hope) that they're last years ones returned and will nest again.