Let nothing come between you and your CJS

Well, eventful journeys home for all staff travelling by car even though they were sent home early, leaving at around 3pm but all made it safely home. In the evening the snow changed to light drizzle followed by clearing skies and a slight freeze overnight but no more white stuff. The ruler in the middle of the lawn measured seven and half inches of snow (19cm), so not too bad then. Tractor ploughs and gritters got the roads cleared and opened again by this morning although the vehicular debris was spectacular including a large 4x4 which slid sideways off the road and was stopped by a tree from plunging down the ravine into the river above Beck Hole.
The office remained open and thankfully the heavy snow melted from the vital wires and (so far) no loss of power or phones. So CJS Weekly is now dropping off the printers, this week there are 60 new paid posts, 39 of them direct to CJS, it's 10 pages long plus a further three with training courses and professional events.