CJS Weekly

We're all prepared for the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. Feeders cleaned and refilled but although it has rained pretty much non-stop all week it's been really quite mild (until today when it snowed) so not many birds int he garden or at the feeders. Perhaps another chilly snap will bring them in just in time for the count.
Monday's edition is almost printed and we're about to start putting it in the envelopes ready for the Postie tomorrow morning. This week it's 13 sides long containing 120 new apid posts of which 84 came direct to CJS. Talking of post our has been a bit hit and miss this week (our regular postie is on holiday), we can't beleive that there have been only ten letter for us all week. So if you've sent something by post and not had a response don't worry - yet - I'm sure it will reach us eventually.