Post and search engines

We're always ready to grumble about Royal Mail well here's a nice story for a change. Earlier this week the post was dropped in as usual at around 9.30. Later in the day the door bell rang and there was the postie, he'd found a letter for us tucked into another bundle further on in his round. He put it to one side and called in to drop it off before going back to the sorting office. Well done Ray, thank you.

In these credit crunched days it often feels more difficult to make a difference. Well here's a way that doesn't cost a thing and you can make a huge difference. We've added an Everyclick search engine to the website, every search raises one penny for good causes; we chose the Hawk & Owl Trust as a small but worthy cause and one we've worked with in the past. So give a go and 'give your mouse a heart'.

CJS Weekly 20 October edition is now printing. As it's the third week of the month it contains the Training Calendar which is three pages long, there are nine pages (plus the three of training) containing 53 new paid posts of which 28 were sent direct to CJS.