CJS Weekly - three times

Sorry folks, we've been having server problems – again. This time not as severe as last but it's still affected our uploading to the site and on Friday morning we didn't have any emails! Argh, deadline day and no email. Quick phone call to establish that it was the servers and not us, "yes, we've just discovered" they said, "it's a problem with the authorisation" (no wonder all your operators were busy) and will be fixed soon. It took nearly an hour but we were back online before the deadline. So the Weekly is now printing, it'a little one this week, just 8 pages containing 44 new paid posts of which 27 came direct to CJS.

Turns out that the blog has not been updating either, so here are updates from the last couple of weeks.

Friday 19/9 - Mixed week.
It's been really quite busy in the office, our latest recruit is settling in and finding a way around our more obscure systems. Website has been alternatively busy and then quiet, however we've still got a large CJS weekly dropping off the printers, this there are 83 jobs (50 direct to CJS) over thirteen pages. Now the sun is shining and I think it's time for coffee and biscuits outside, got tot make the most of it whilst it lasts, it's been a rarity this year (but, then you know that too).

Friday 12/9 - Still raining….
Just like everywhere else we're still squelching around in the wet and it's still raining. Perhaps we really should become the Canoes &
CJS Weekly is now online and is currently being printed. This week it's 10 pages long with 95 paid posts of which 42 came direct to CJS. This week's edition contains the monthly training calendar which for October is four pages long.