Black eye, holes and a copy of CJS Weekly.

Another week's gone by and we can't believe it's June already (well almost, we've been working on the 2 June edition since last week so we feel it's been June for a while now!) and in the post this morning was the first of the Christmas catalogues – not yet surely?
Poor Maia has a black eye – how do you tell if a black Labrador has a black eye? Tuesday morning a head long dash into heavy cover in hot pursuit of Hebe resulted in a loud yelp and a closed eye. This led to a trip to the Vets, they were very good, we phoned at 9am explained the problem and they said can you be here at 9.20, we just made it (11 miles over the moor). A full examination and home we came again with antibiotics and green tears (from the stain) but the good news that there was no lasting damage. By Thursday morning Maia looked almost normal again and today her eye is only slightly swollen but she still set off at full tilt down the lane this morning.
TB has also had an interesting week, on Tuesday a small hole appeared in the road by the land where she keeps her horses. It might be small of the surface but upon closer inspection a large cavern was lurking below and the tarmac was defying gravity to present the appearance of a road. It even stopped the postman, Highways were informed and put up 'road closed' signs. That's it we thought, that's the last we'll see of them for a while, but no- yesterday it was filled with several tons of concrete as a temporary measure. Engineers will do a full inspection at a later date and proper repairs will be made.
But despite various distractions, of a Bank Holiday, Maia's adventures, a mysterious hole in the road, reports of horse rustlers and so much more we've got the Weekly edition together and it's now on the printers to be with you on Monday post permitting. This week's edition is 12 sides with 73 new paid posts of which 46 came direct to CJS.