08 April 2008


Friday's blog update didn't appear for some reason. So here it is again…

Well we've managed the week and the presses are now rolling. This week's edition is 13 pages containing 88 new paid posts, 54 of which came direct to CJS. We've changed the online copies today, no longer are the display adverts separate from the main copy but are now in place in the main body of the copy of both the HTML & PDF options. The RTF file remains as plain text with links to the displays. But (there has to be a but doesn't there?) we've had problems with the PDF Distiller today and the PDF looks a little strange. We're working on a solution and will replace the file asap and next week everything will be back to 'normal'. And don't forget the new subscription rates now apply and so far (whisper it) the new shop is working well.