Birds, lamb, sprouts and jobs

We've had an exciting week, on the nature front we've had a new bird in the garden on Monday we spotted a Redpoll, of course it didn't sit long enough, or still enough, for us to determine which subspecies it may be so we're guessing at the Lesser but whichever sort it was it is the first time one has visited the garden. Today the first of the winter Bramblings came for a feed and the numbers of Siskins have to be seen to be believed, festooned over every feeder (except the red nut feeder which was bought specifically for them as they are supposed to like red feeders – ha, not here, sunflower hearts please!). The wind is fierce and today bitingly cold making it feel like winter, earlier in the week it was exceptionally mild and wet more like autumn and yesterday was a typical grey miserable November day.

In other CJS news AW's lamb went to slaughter earlier this week and when it returns nicely jointed in bags from the local builders merchant some of it will be swapped for a turkey for Christmas dinner but the sprouts failed so some will have to bought – gasp, buying vegetables, unheard of!

It's must be almost Christmas as CJS Weekly is only a little one this week, eight sides containing 83 new paid posts 62 of which were sent direct to CJS. And it's just about finished printing so will be on its way to you very soon.