77% direct

The second of the pre-Christmas warnings is included in Monday's edition of CJS Weekly – my, how time flies. The Weekly is now printing, this week it's eleven sides again this but time with 110 new paid posts of which 85 were sent direct to CJS, that's a whopping 77% a greater percentage than at any time through the year so we must be doing something right!!

New this week, you can now view back issues of CJS Weekly, free of charge, online. We're aiming to keep about a month's worth available at any one time, however because CJS is 'subscription only' the most recent freely available edition is three weeks old. So you might find a few jobs still in date but most will have closed. Also this week we've been reviewing the publications we take to create the jobs digest section, as a result we've dropped a few and added a couple of new titles. If you think we've dropped some or not considered one that should be included please let us know and we'll look again. As ever, your feedback is always welcome. We're off to think about Christmas presents…..