Big news

We can see out again! The scaffolding came down this week and the builders have just finished checking the patched section which was obscured by some of the scaffolding. Our roof is now watertight and storm proof (well as much as it can be) for the next few years.

CJS Weekly is now rolling off the printers, this week it's 12 sides with 93 new paid pots, 37 of which came direct to CJS. Electronic copies will be available as usual from today but postal copies may not arrive until Friday, Wednesday is the earliest we can hope for but Thursday is probably more realistic. Our post will be collected on Sunday as usual but then it will stall as the CWU goes on strike again. Then from Monday 15 October there will be a series of shorter more localised strikes which make it much harder to predict how this will affect deliveries.

Next week we're a hand short as TB takes off for sunnier climes (Majorca actually - a pilgrimage to childhood holidays) for the week so we might not be quite as speedy as usual.