It's Friday.

At last, it's been a long week and a strange one at that. Mixed post deliveries and collections means the usual publication subscriptions didn't arrive and we searched for the jobs from websites instead, all outgoing post seemed to go as normal it was just the incoming that was sporadic, today there was a small mountain. It's reported that Royal Mail has a backlog of around 10m items. R is settling in and learning the peculiarities of the CJS office and yesterday Niall came for coffee and sticky buns to meet the 'newbies' R and Hebe. Taking of whom she's doing remarkably well for an 8 (nearly 9) week old and has not disrupted office life anywhere near as much as we thought she would – but give it time….

Anyway despite all of that CJS Weekly is now being printed and should be with you as normal, RM permitting. This week's edition is 12 pages long containing 89 new paid vacancies of which 43 were sent direct to CJS.