That Friday feeling

It's been a rather hectic week, what with making banners and placards, appearing on TV, Radio and the local paper whilst saving the Post Office (well trying anyway) and producing a Special Edition and the usual Weekly but as usual we met our deadlines and got there.

Apologies to readers who were waiting for online access details yesterday. We had a run-time error with the mailing software, however the techies worked on it and this morning everything seems to be running smoothly again but do contact us if you know differently!

CJS Weekly (with the first colour ad) is rolling off the printers and sitting steaming in great heaps, colour printing would appear to be hotter than boring old mono copies. This week it's 14 side with 143 new paid posts of which 81 came direct to CJS. This week's edition includes the quarterly Special Edition which this time features Wildlife Conservation and Research work, in association with the Wildlife Trust.