Fog and sailing ships

We woke up to thick, thick fog which didn't shift all morning so at 11am we lit the wood stove to chase away the dampness. Then of course the sun broke though and began to burn off the murk and now (4pm) it's glorious spring sunshine and we're all basking in the sunshine (and heat from the stove!).

Our nearest town is Whitby which was considered the home port of Captain James Cook. The town has always had lots of links with Cook and a statue of him stand on the cliff overlooking the harbour gazing, I like to think wistfully, out to sea. In recent years you've been able to take a tour of the bay on a scale replica of his famous ship HM Bark Endeavour but perhaps for not much longer because it's up for sale on ebay of all places. So if you fancy your own sailing bark have a look at the listing, click here.